Using the heat shed at Naracoorte to sterilise your machinery and equipment when moving it between the Limestone Coast and other regions in SA is a great way to help minimise the spread of pests and diseases within South Australia.

Vinehealth Australia operates a purpose-built heat shed, located at the Naracoorte Saleyards, that can be used for disinfesting machinery, equipment and diesel-powered vehicles.

Machinery and equipment are high risk vectors for spreading weeds, diseases and pests  as they can carry grapevine material and soil and are especially hard to clean. The only way to ensure machinery and equipment is free of pests, diseases and weeds is to ‘bake it’ in a heat shed.

To book a heat shed session, phone the manager Sarah Bird on 0429 430 641. For further information, refer to our fact sheet Using the Naracoorte Heat Shed.