Vinehealth Australia is an independent statutory authority in South Australia.

With a single-minded focus on biosecurity and deep understanding of the supply chain and industry dynamics, Vinehealth Australia partners with growers, winemakers, suppliers and industry stakeholders to empower them with tools, information and expertise to safeguard their vineyards and wines from pests.

Our purpose

To foster a profitable, sustainable and reputable grape and wine industry, by working alongside growers, winemakers, propagation specialists and government to protect vines from biosecurity risk and to advance vine health.

Our vision

Biosecurity action is integrated in every grape and wine business.

Our guiding principles

Knowledge: Pursuing new knowledge to empower evidence-based decision making by industry and government.

Action: Completing targeted, high impact biosecurity activities that deliver measurable change in biosecurity practices by industry, government and other priority stakeholders.

Collaboration: Partnering with grape and wine businesses, government, researchers and industry bodies to drive accountability for biosecurity and to leverage resources.

Focus: Investing in biosecurity initiatives that support the state’s growth agenda and the industry’s enviable reputation for quality and heritage.

Independence: Honouring our status as an independent statutory authority, as defined by our governing Act, and working to create enduring value for industry through ongoing strategic review and performance monitoring.

Our priority areas

Priority Area 1: A stronger, active defence against vineyard pest threats, with biosecurity practices integrated into everyday operations and access to high-health planting material.

Priority Area 2: The impact of an incursion on assets, people and profitability is minimised, providing business continuity for growers, winemakers and other entities along the supply chain.

Priority Area 3: A responsive and robust biosecurity regulatory system, respected and complied with by industry.

Priority Area 4: An active and connected network across the South Australian grape and wine supply chain, with impact and results extending across the country.

Priority Area 5: A sustainable organisation with expertise, systems and resources, that delivers exceptional outcomes.