To prevent the spread of regulated pests and diseases such as phylloxera, each state has legislation and associated regulations, which restrict or prohibit the movement of risk vectors – i.e., things that could carry the pest.

These include grapevine material, grape product, equipment and machinery.

Each state has slightly different legislation. Anyone wishing to move any risk products between states MUST comply with the legislation of the destination state. It is recommended that you contact State biosecurity departments to confirm the requirements you need to comply with. Click here to view state biosecurity contacts.

South Australian legislation and regulations

The requirements for the importation of risk products into South Australia are governed by the Plant Health Act (2009) and the associated Plant Quarantine Standard for South Australia.

SA Plant Quarantine Standard

South Australia’s Plant Quarantine Standard (PQS) specifies the conditions of entry which must be met for machinery, equipment and plants to enter South Australia which may host regulated pests or diseases.

The current version is South Australian PQS Version 17.5 which you can access here.

The section most relevant to the grape and wine industry is Condition 7 (Grape Phylloxera), which includes the following sub-clauses:

  • Clause 1: Grapevine material (including for planting and/or propagation)
  • Clause 2: Machinery previously used in grape production
  • Clause 3: Equipment previously used in grape production
  • Clause 4: Grapes and grape-related materials
  • Clause 5: Grapevine diagnostic samples and vineyard soils

Importer Registration and Direct Inspection requirements must be met by all businesses importing regulated items into South Australia. For more information, click here.

Condition 7 was reviewed and updated in 2020. Key changes from this review were:

  • Steam as a sterilisation treatment method for all machinery or equipment being imported into SA is now prohibited;
  • The entry of used netting, trellis posts, vine guards, dripper tube, wire and clips into SA is now prohibited;
  • The entry of winegrapes grown in a Phylloxera Risk Zone (PRZ) into SA is now prohibited;
  • Alignment of entry requirements for equipment from a PRZ with tougher standards applicable for equipment from a Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) and Phylloxera Interim Buffer Zone (PIBZ);
  • Alignment of entry requirements for grape marc, with that of winegrapes.

For more detail about the key changes impacting the grape and wine industry from the 2020 review, click here to view a flyer.

For key Australian contacts associated with moving equipment, machinery and grapevine machinery, click here.

Steps for importing into SA

There are four key steps for importing machinery, equipment and grape products into South Australia:

  • Registering as an importer
  • Undertaking the correct cleaning and/or disinfestation
  • Obtaining the correct biosecurity documentation
  • Undertaking Direct Inspection of the consignment

For detailed information on how to import machinery and equipment into South Australia, that has previously been used in grape production, click here.

For all movement enquiries, contact PIRSA Market Access team on (08) 8207 7814.

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