Wine Tourism Biosecurity Checklist

  1. Educate cellar door and wine tourism staff about the best way to keep vines healthy: don’t allow visitors to enter vine rows.
  2. Educate tourists about their role in keeping vines healthy: by not walking or driving into vineyards.
  3. Encourage visitors to ask cellar door staff about the experiences on offer. Ensure you provide memorable experiences that don’t involve entering the vineyard.
  4. Provide designated areas away from vines for photography, picnics and other popular activities.
  5. Use fences or hedges to prevent access to vine rows.
  6. Use clear signs to control the flow of visitors around your property, and to indicate which areas must not be accessed. If needed, purchase Wine Tourism Biosecurity Signage and place near cellar door entrances, car parking areas and walkways.
  7. When in wine regions, ask visitors to stick to gravel or sealed driveways, and hard pack carparks away from vineyards. Ask them not to drive on vineyard soil.
  8. Ask visitors not to take away any vine material, grapes or soil as a souvenir.
  9. Don’t use images of people in vine rows on brochures, websites or social media.
  10. Talk to Vinehealth Australia about other ‘healthy vines’ information and materials. Phone (08) 8273 0550 or email

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