Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan

Vinehealth Australia is proud to announce a refresh of its Strategic Plan: Towards 2020.

This is an important plan that responds to increasing biosecurity pressures on vineyards by setting a clear direction for biosecurity activities. It aims to shift the dynamic for biosecurity being viewed only as insurance against risk, to being an enabler for success.

Importantly, this refresh of Vinehealth Australia’s strategic plan has been informed by:

  • The rapidly evolving biosecurity landscape;
  • Ongoing and regular discussions with growers, wineries, grape and wine industry representative bodies, Wine Australia, federal and state governments and Plant Health Australia;
  • Responses from a grower survey conducted in 2015; and
  • Information sourced through workshops and discussions regarding the value proposition for Vinehealth Australia’s proposed new digital biosecurity platform.


VHA Strategic Plan Towards 2020

VHA Strategic Plan Towards 2020 – PDF