Vinehealth Australia produces a range of maps which can be found under the following subsections:

Phylloxera Management Zones

  • includes an overarching map of the current Phylloxera Management Zones across Australia and maps for individual Phylloxera Infested Zones (PIZ) and Phylloxera Exclusion Zones (PEZ). To view these maps click here.

Geographical Indication (GI) Region maps

  • includes maps by wine region and subregion across South Australia. To view these maps click here.

Landscapes Board

  • Landscape boards are responsible for facilitating the management of landscapes in partnership with key partners and stakeholders. To view these maps click here.

Native Title claims

  • These maps show the areas within the state designated by the Australian Parliament under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth), recognising the rights and interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in land and waters according to their traditional laws and customs. To view these maps click here.