As a viticultural contactor, one way in which you can demonstrate your biosecurity credentials to your client, is through your standard service agreement.

Consider adding in a biosecurity clause that includes the following themes:

  • That your business is committed to maintaining biosecurity practices that protect both your clients and your business from the risk of biosecurity events.
  • That your business is committed to meeting all relevant legal biosecurity obligations.
  • That your business is committed to training your staff in biosecurity awareness and procedures.
  • That your business is committed to the execution of the ‘come clean, leave clean’ strategy.
  • That your business will adhere to your client’s biosecurity bubble (as documented in Appendix X of the Service Agreement) and undertake all biosecurity activities for the contracted service activity, as discussed and agreed to in writing with the client pre-arrival.
  • That your business will supply agreed evidence (written or photographic) of pre- arrival cleanliness and pre-exit cleanliness of all machinery and equipment as part of the contracted service activity.
  • That your business will ensure all staff, equipment or machinery provided as part of the service delivery, sign in and out of your client’s property daily, as agreed with the client pre-arrival, to meet tracing requirements.
  • That your business has factored in one or more of the following activities in your quote for the delivery of the service:
    • Time to clean prior to arrival to the biosecurity bubble.
    • Time to clean prior to departure from the biosecurity bubble.
    • Daily footbaths or alternate agreed footwear provisions for all your staff on entry and exit of the site or nominated biosecurity bubble.
    • Fees and charges relating to required biosecurity documentation and inspections.
  • That in order for your business to undertake the contracted service activity with biosecurity at the forefront, you request the client to provide one or more of the following factors:
    • Suitable washdown and cleaning areas for machinery and equipment.
    • Cleaning equipment and the appropriate volumes of water and solutions required for footbaths, which can be moved around the site as required.
    • Disposable shoe covers
    • Site footwear.
    • Site clothing.