Vinehealth Australia (Vinehealth) wishes to advise that following significant industry consultation, the review of our funding has now concluded.

The voice of the industry through the consultation period, including via state and regional associate letters provided, was clear and strong: Vinehealth’s work is essential and Vinehealth must be adequately funded to enable delivery of biosecurity services for the South Australia grape and wine industry.  

Vinehealth, the Hon Clare Scriven MLC, and the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) carefully considered detailed funding options. Each recognised the need for adequate and sustainable Vinehealth funding, the current state of the industry and the desire to minimise costs to vineyard owners.

The outcome of the funding review is that contributions payable for vineyard owners with 0.5 hectares or more of planted vines, starting for the 2022-23 levy period, is the sum of a base fee and a variable fee. For further detail on these fees, here.

We are pleased to advise that the South Australian Government has committed $500,000 to Vinehealth to enable a staggered increase to the base fee over three years. We welcome this commitment, which reflects the South Australian Government’s significant support for our grape and wine industry, and we thank the Minister for this support.

The funding contribution made by the Minister recognises that any increase in fees is difficult, and directly contributes to reducing impact on growers and allows growers time to adjust.

The outcome of a staggered increase to the base fee, offset by Government funding, is in line with Vinehealth’s recommendation to the Minister, which was guided by feedback received during industry consultation and a deep understanding of current industry conditions.




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