Tracing tools

  • There are many tracing tools available. These are contactless digital sign-in solutions that can be modified for biosecurity purposes.
  • You can also use a hard copy visitor register.


Pests, diseases and weeds can be picked up and spread on footwear. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your footwear is clean and free of pests, diseases and weed seeds before allowing entry into your vineyard.

Your choices are:


  • Clothing is a vector.
  • Options to manage clothing are:
    • Hot washing on the highest temperature setting, followed by tumble-drying on high heat.
    • Site/biosecurity bubble dedicated clothing.
    • Single use disposable clothing.

Importing items into South Australia

To prevent the spread of regulated pests and diseases such as phylloxera, each state has legislation and associated regulations, which restrict or prohibit the movement of risk vectors – i.e., things that could carry the pest. These include grapevine material, grape product, equipment and machinery.

Each state has slightly different legislation. Anyone wishing to move any risk products between states must comply with the legislation of the destination state. It is recommended that you contact State biosecurity departments to confirm the requirements you need to comply with. Click here to view state biosecurity contacts.

The requirements for the importation of risk products into South Australia are governed by the Plant Health Act (2009) and the associated Plant Quarantine Standard for South Australia.

Importer Registration and Direct Inspection requirements must be met by all businesses importing regulated items into South Australia. For more information, click here.