As pests, diseases and weeds can be spread on footwear and hand tools, it is important that you adopt footbaths as part of your farm-gate hygiene activities.

Unsure how to setup a footwear disinfestation station or carry out the disinfestation process to ensure it is effective? Check out our updated Footwear and Small Hand Tool Disinfestation protocol. Note that the use of chlorine as a disinfectant in this protocol is specific to grape phylloxera.

In some cases, disposable shoe covers can be used as an alternative to footwear disinfestation. Click here for our current preferred shoe cover supplier. Search for ‘Pro Val CPE Heavy Duty Boot Covers’. We wear two of these shoe covers per foot because they are prone to rip.We are continuing the search for more robust shoe covers.

An alternative to footwear disinfestation and disposable shoe covers is to provide footwear to visitors or staff that remains on site.

Vinehealth Australia is currently working with UniSA on a project to develop a footwear solution for vineyard use. Read about the project here.