South Australian vineyard owners are reminded that 2023/24 levy payments are due by 30 June 2024 or an agreed extension date.

Vinehealth Australia is acutely aware of the challenges facing many South Australian vineyard owners. Our small team is committed to working with you to help you manage your accounts and we can provide assistance and flexibility to meet your payment obligations.

Please contact our Systems Manager Jo Bainbridge on 08 8273 0550, Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm, to discuss the information in your Notice of Assessment, to raise any concerns about payment, and importantly, to explore the range of payment options we offer.

Vineyard owner contributions enable Vinehealth Australia to deliver the services and regulatory functions needed to keep South Australian vineyards free of significant pests and diseases.

Vinehealth Australia’s biosecurity services and functions are focused on three key themes:

  1. Helping industry to prevent the introduction of significant pests into South Australia, your region and your vineyard.
  2. Supporting industry to prepare for a significant pest outbreak, and minimise the economic, social and environmental impact.
  3. When there is an outbreak or a suspected outbreak, working with the South Australian Government and impacted businesses to ensure a rapid and effective response to contain or eradicate, and support recovery.

    These services help to safeguard your vines, which are the foundation of a sustainable South Australian grape and wine industry.

    • Click here for a snapshot of the work we’ve undertaken in 2023-24.
    • Click here for our newly reviewed key focus areas for 2024 – 2026, as we look to the future.

    You can also explore our website at to view current biosecurity fact sheets, posters, best practice hygiene procedures, tools, reports and latest news stories.