Vehicles, including harvesters, tractors, trucks, utes and cars, are a key biosecurity risk to vineyards. To boost knowledge about this key risk, Vinehealth Australia has created a ‘Vehicles in Vineyards Biosecurity Tips’ series.

Tips include vehicle inspection and cleaning, routes of travel, managing contractor vehicles, and staff education.

“Growers shouldn’t allow unauthorised vehicles to drive into their vineyards, as they can pick up and spread pests, diseases and weeds,” said Suzanne McLoughlin, Acting CEO of Vinehealth Australia.

“Some of our key tips include providing a car park for visitor vehicles away from vines on a hard pack surface, providing a vineyard vehicle for visitor use, and determining which vineyard regions the vehicle has travelled to in the past month.

“By following these tips, you are doing your bit to keep your vines safe and you contributing to the security of the South Australian wine industry.”

Keep an eye out for the Vehicles in Vineyards Biosecurity Tips in Daily Wine News on Tuesdays from 30 April 2024 onwards.