Tasmania’s Plant Biosecurity Manual has had a recent change to Import Requirement 10 (IR 10) relating to the import of grape matter (vines and other products) from States holding Pest Area Freedom certificates for grape phylloxera. This includes South Australia.

The change is now in force and requires all cuttings and rootlings to be hot water treated prior to entry into Tasmania.

This has been a standing requirement for importation of grapevine planting material into Tasmania from an interstate Phylloxera Exclusion Zone (PEZ), but not from states that hold an Area Freedom Certificate.

For current details of Tasmania’s importation requirements relating to ‘Grape Phylloxera – Hosts and Vectors’, including hot water treatment specifications and biosecurity documentation requirements, refer to the Import Requirement 10 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania 2024 Edition Version 1.

For further information on this change, please contact Biosecurity Tasmania on (03) 6165 3777, or Paul Smart from Wine Tasmania on (03) 6223 3770.