We’re thrilled to introduce the branding for SafeSolz, the shoe cover biosecurity solution being developed by Steph Small at Sans Waste Manufacturing, in partnership with Vinehealth Australia.

The product was named SafeSolz by Lian Jaensch, Executive Officer at Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine, during a competition in 2022. Product prototypes were also produced in 2022. Since then, Steph has been working on the commercialisation of the shoe covers.

In late 2023, Steph contracted well-known Adelaide graphic designer Naomi Giatas to produce the SafeSolz branding. The tagline ‘Don’t leave a trace’ was also developed.

“The SafeSolz branding reflects protection in its strong and bold typeface as well as incorporating the shoe cover outline, for instant product recognition,” Steph said.

For more information about the project, click here. Look out for an update on this project in the coming months.