Have you seen our ‘Who’s Hitchhiking With You?’ phylloxera awareness postcards in tourism racks in the Adelaide Hills or McLaren Vale, or around the city?

Tourists are one group who may not understand that their actions can be risky to our SA vineyards, so we’ve partnered with Tourism Brochure Exchange to distribute a range of ‘Phil the Phylloxera Guy’ postcards around tourist hotspots, including car rental outlets, apartments, hotels, markets, cafes, caravan parks and tourism destinations.

The postcards feature a human-sized phylloxera bug called Phil hitching a ride into vineyards with different groups of tourists. The key biosecurity message is a simple one we urge tourists to follow: ‘Who’s Hitchhiking With You?’, and written on the back of the postcard is: ‘Your shoes, clothes and tyres can spread tiny but destructive pests. Please don’t walk amongst our vines.’

The postcards include a QR code which is linked to our tourism website content.