To help you keep your information held in the Vinehealth Register up to date, we conduct an annual Vineyard Record Review. This involves posting or emailing your records to you to check, which we’ve recently completed.

If you’ve advised that you prefer a hard copy of your records sent, you will receive your records in the post during December 2023.

If your communication preference is email, a reminder has been sent to the registered email address/es. You will be prompted to log into the Grape Industry Kiosk to check and update records. Your access will be via the email address we currently have for you in the Register.

All changes are required to be lodged by 31 January 2024. Information held in the Register at 30 April 2024 will be used to generate your annual Notice of Assessment (levy invoice) for the 2023-24 period.

It’s a requirement of the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995 (the Act) for the details held by the Vinehealth Register to be up to date and accurate. The Register is the key asset of Vinehealth Australia and the envy of other organisations and states. However, the value of the Register is only maximised when the information held is accurate and current.

The Register serves as an essential biosecurity tool for the prevention and management of significant pests and diseases and assistance with industry needs. Information from the Register has been used for response activities including for fruit fly, Grapevine Red Blotch virus, River Murray flooding, bushfires, prescribed burns, reporting into the SA Winegrape Crush Survey, and for other purposes including connecting growers with wineries looking to purchase grapes of a specific variety, and for providing industry insights on aspects including vine age and non-bearing area.

Key points of your records to check:

  • Planting details – please ensure that you check your plantings list, compare the total area recorded with the estimated area under vine as shown on the map, and make any corrections as required. Provide all details for any new plantings and for those removed from the ground. Note: if you have removed all your plantings from the ground and no longer have 0.5 hectares or more across any of your grower accounts, please contact the Vinehealth office so we can organise to send you a Grower Exit letter to sign to ensure we can remove you from the Register.
  • Registered Name – is the account name recorded correctly? The name must match your Land Title. Please contact Vinehealth Australia Systems Manager Jo Bainbridge if you need assistance to check Land Titles.
  • Contact details – the primary person recorded in the Register must be the legal landowner (or a director of the registered company). An alternative contact can be provided by the primary person if we have authorisation in writing.
  • Vineyard Operator – do you have someone managing your vineyard on your behalf? Please ensure that person is recorded in the Register, and you have provided authorisation for that person to view and/or amend planting details on your behalf. Note: if you have a lease arrangement with your Vineyard Operator, they may maintain your planting records in the Register once authorised, however the Owner will still be responsible for the contributions payable unless otherwise agreed with the lessee.
  • Accounts contact – does your annual Notice of Assessment (levy invoice) need to be directed to an accounts person via a different email or postal address? Please ensure you provide those details. The invoice can be emailed and posted and can go to multiple people if required.

If you have no changes:

  • Hard copies: please sign the back page of the Vineyard Record and return using the Reply Paid address provided in your documentation (no stamp needed). You are also welcome to email confirmation of no changes to Please ensure you reference your grower number/s.
  • Digital copies: once you’ve checked your Vineyard Record in the Grape Industry Kiosk, click the NO CHANGES icon. This confirms your review and that the information held in the Register is correct. Please remember to progress through the submission steps, firstly to confirm the records as current and secondly to ‘submit’ your Vineyard Record. Without submitting your record, the records remain open and unable to be verified by Vinehealth Australia.

If you do not respond to the annual Vineyard Record Review, Vinehealth deems that the information recorded in the Register is correct. It is the vineyard owner’s responsibility to maintain details in the Register, and therefore Vinehealth cannot be held liable for any incorrect information under your account.

For assistance with updating Vineyard Records, please contact Vinehealth Systems Manager Jo Bainbridge on 08 8273 0550 or between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.