In response to requests at Riverland grower meetings held in August, PIRSA is exploring a new notification system which will enable growers to be directly advised of a singular fly detection associated with their commercial property. Currently notifications are not going to all growers on this basis.

Early notification of singular flies that do not trigger an outbreak can alert growers to potential risk based on fly activity close by.

PIRSA is seeking registrations of interest from Riverland growers as they develop this new system, which is part of the state’s goals of eradication and reinstatement.

To register your interest in being notified of new single fly confirmations, email with the following details:

  • Full name and or business name
  • Property address/addresses
  • Mobile number
  • YES, register my interest for a grower detection notification

Fruit flies are currently detected in traps or through the reporting of maggots in fruit and vegetables. Individual fruit fly detections do not always result in a declared fruit fly outbreak. A Queensland fruit fly outbreak for example, is only declared if one of these things happens:

  • 5 male or non-pregnant female flies are trapped within 1km in a two week period
  • A pregnant female is detected
  • 1 or more maggots are detected in locally grown fruit

Relevant to winegrape growers – most fruit fly traps have been positioned adjacent to vineyards outside vine rows, or in residential premises located adjacent to vineyards.