Do you need some help to negotiate the tough times currently being experienced within the wine industry? 
A good starting point is to contact a Family and Business (FaB) Mentor to talk things through. It is a confidential service and the FaB Mentor will have time to listen to you and can help connect you to assistance specific to your situation.

An initiative of PIRSA, the service is free for farmers and primary production businesses impacted by adverse events including wine industry market change impacts.

FaB Mentors come from a variety of business and agricultural backgrounds and have experience in dealing with difficult situations. They will help you find ways to navigate towards a solution and will link you with other services, such as:

  • Financial counselling local health networks
  • Emotional wellbeing and counselling services
  • Government and non-government assistance
  • Community organisations

Click here to see the list of FaB Mentors.

This article was provided by the Department of Primary Industries and Resources.