Our Footwear and Small Hand Tool Disinfestation Protocol poster is one of our most popular resources. In response to industry requests, we’ve had this poster translated into common languages spoken by our seasonal workers – Dari, Hindi, Khmer, Pashto and Vietnamese.

We asked vineyard owners and contractors from major regions which languages were spoken commonly by their picking and pruning crews. We narrowed the list down to the top five languages and worked with Business SA translators to ensure the posters are clear and accurate.

The Footwear and Small Hand Tool Disinfestation Protocol is based on the latest peer-reviewed science and includes sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or Dettol as the disinfectant for a 60 second immersion without a water rinse thereafter.

The poster also includes a shopping list and step by step instructions for carrying out disinfestation of shoes and small items.

“Anyone who has visited another vineyard before yours could carry phylloxera, weed seeds and other pests and diseases. An important step to protect your vines is to ensure that everyone coming onto your vineyard is wearing clean clothes and that their footwear is clean and disinfested,” said Suzanne McLoughlin, Acting CEO of Vinehealth.

“This poster provides a simple guide to effective disinfestation. We’ve invested in translation of this poster to make it easier for vineyard owners to communicate important information with their seasonal workers. We encourage you to share these posters widely.”

The translated posters can be downloaded here.