The Vinehealth Register, which contains up to date planting and contact details of all Vineyard Owners with 0.5 hectares or more of vineyards in South Australia, is often used to assist industry and government for matters other than biosecurity.

Data from the Register is currently being used to map vineyards that may be impacted by the current floods along the River Murray.

Vinehealth has overlaid the 200GL/day and 250GL/day flow flood modelling layer from the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) over the SA vineyard layer to assist in identifying the location of vineyard properties predicted to flood, and the total quantum of potentially flooded vineyard area. It is important to note that these models provided by DEW do not take into account any new levees, or where levees have been raised in response to the current flood event.

To view the 250GL/day modelling layer over vineyards in the ‘Riverland GI’ and ‘Lower Murray zone – Other’, click here.

If you would like to confirm if your vineyard is predicted to be affected by flooding based on 250GL/day flow rates, please give us a call on 0412 859 882 for further information.

This information is vital to ensure the government is informed in their response activities and can readily target appropriate response strategies to our industry.