As we are moving through the growing season, we wanted to update you on the latest monitoring news on locusts as reported by the Australian Plague Locust Commission.

Unfortunately, widespread and repeated rainfall in critical locust population areas prevented many ground surveys being undertaken last month. However, from areas that were able to be surveyed in SA and NSW, indications are that the spring generation nymphs had hatched from overwintering eggs during late September to late October in the southern part of inland eastern Australia, and some overwintering nymphs survived and successfully developed into adults.

Overall, there is a forecast low to moderate likelihood of region-wide infestations developing in the SA Flinders and North East, NSW Lower Western and Riverina, and Vic Mallee districts. Widespread high-density infestations are unlikely during spring and early summer.

This information is reported by the Australian Plague Locust Commission, a joint venture of the Australian Government and the Member States of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

For the full report as of 4 November 2022, click here.