The South Australian Government has announced that industry engagement on a proposed new Biosecurity Act for SA will recommence in late 2022.

The Department for Primary Industries and Regional Development (PIRSA) began work on creating a new Biosecurity Act for SA in 2019.

In announcing that industry engagement would recommence, Minister Scriven, Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, said that a new Biosecurity Act would keep the best parts of the current system, while incorporating improvements and modern principles, such as shared responsibility, risk-based decision making and proactive management of risks.

“The intent is to simplify the system, where possible, and clarify roles and responsibilities, consistent with national frameworks,” Minister Scriven said.

Vinehealth Australia has been working closely with SAWIA, WGCSA, industry and PIRSA since 2019 to ensure the biosecurity outcomes of the South Australian grape and wine industry are maintained and strengthen through this process.

“We commend the South Australian Government for undertaking the development of a new Biosecurity Act to strengthen South Australia’s biosecurity system to ensure that it can respond to current and future biosecurity challenges,” said Inca Lee, CEO of Vinehealth Australia.

“We look forward to working closely with industry, PIRSA and Minister Scriven on the development of a new Biosecurity Act for SA, and importantly how this links with Vinehealth’s governing Act the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995. ”

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