Vintage is a time when there is significant movement of people, machinery and equipment onto and off properties. These movements all create heightened risk of and opportunities for pest and disease introduction and spread.

To combat this, we ask that you undertake best practice farm-gate hygiene on your own properties and proactively do the same when you’re visiting other properties.

We also ask that you look out for any unusual plant pest or disease in your vineyard or winery and take the time to report it so it can be investigated.

You can contact Vinehealth’s Technical Manager Suzanne McLoughlin on 0412 859 882 or via email at or call the Exotic Plant pest Hotline on 1800 084 881. Note that it is mandatory in SA to report suspected Queensland fruit fly, Mediterranean fruit fly and phylloxera.

If you see a biosecurity incident during vintage or anytime, you can report it to Vinehealth Australia on (08) 8273 0550 or complete our online biosecurity incident report form and we’ll investigate.

“We welcome reports from stakeholders of any behavior that could lead to an unwanted pest or disease establishing in South Australia,” said Suzanne.

“Prompt reporting is key to reducing the impact of an incursion of a pest or disease that could have a negative economic impact on the South Australian grape and wine industry.”

When a report is made, an investigation will be conducted by Vinehealth Australia’s CEO and Technical Manager. Where there has been a breach of regulatory standards, state biosecurity authorities will be informed.