We wanted to update you on the latest monitoring news on locusts across eastern Australia.

Populations of Australian Plague Locust in inland eastern Australia remained at low levels except for the Riverina of New South Wales where Swarm-density adults continued to be identified in high numbers from limited surveys in mid-December. No surveys were conducted in December in South Australia and Victoria.

The outlook for the remainder of summer and early autumn is for a moderate increase in the overall population levels, with medium to high densities persisting in the NSW Riverina district and adjacent areas. Low densities with limited localised medium to high densities are likely in other parts of inland eastern Australia.

This information is reported by the Australian Plague Locust Commission – a joint venture of the Australian Government and the Member States of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

If you find a locust, report it as soon as possible to your state biosecurity department or to the Australian Plague Locust Commission on 1800 635 962, or via email at aplc@agriculture.gov.au, or via this website: https://www.agriculture.gov.au/pests-diseases-weeds/locusts/landholders/reporting_locusts.

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