The Australian Government has launched a new national biosecurity website that will help industries and individuals to find important information more easily.

“Australia’s biosecurity system is vital for safeguarding our primary industries and environment, but public information has been scattered,” said David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management.

“This new website brings together resources from the Australian, state and territory governments, industries and non-government agencies. Whether you’re an individual or a business, the website links you to everything you need to know about your biosecurity responsibilities.” 

For members of the grape and wine supply chain, there is:

“If you’re travelling around Australia, shopping online, importing, mailing or visiting from overseas and aren’t sure about the ins and outs of Australia’s biosecurity, this website will help direct you to the information you need to know,” Minister Littleproud said.

“And if you think you’ve spotted a biosecurity risk, this website will tell you what you can do about it.”

Implementing the stand-alone website delivers on the collective response of all agriculture ministers to recommendation 21 of the 2017 independent review of the national biosecurity system.

The new website is also a key component of delivering a strategic action under Commonwealth Biosecurity 2030.

The website will continue to evolve to support people’s biosecurity information needs.