Vinehealth Australia CEO Inca Lee has been invited to be the Australian delegate to the OIV PROTEC Group, a working group focused on Xylella fastidiosa in Viticulture.

Other members of the group come from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, France, Mexico and Portugal.

The global group aims to share the best research into Xylella management. Xylella is considered one of the most dangerous plant bacteria worldwide, causing a variety of diseases, including Pierce’s Disease in grapevines, and causing significant economic impact for agriculture.

Inca’s role is to be the conduit between this group and the Australian viticulture community and Xylella researchers.

“Australia is currently Xylella free, and it is our number one exotic plant pest. I’m looking forward to working with this global group of experts and sharing information for the benefit of the Australian wine industry in the near future,” Inca said.

 The OIV is the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.