As states reopen for business and vintage approaches, there will soon be greater movement of tourists and contract labour gangs across the wine industry.

It’s now well known that people can pick up pests, diseases and weeds from the soil and vines on their clothing, shoes, tyres, equipment and machinery and spread them to the next vineyard they visit. This spread could be between vineyards in different countries, states, wine regions or blocks on the same vineyard.

To help you identify and manage the risks associated with visitors to your vineyard, we remind you of one of the fact sheets in our current suite, Biosecurity Planning for Vineyard Owners Hosting Visitors.

This detailed fact sheet includes practical steps you can apply to minimise the risk of introduction and spread of pests, diseases and weeds, and covers individual visitors, small and large groups, and major events.

The fact sheet provides a step by step guide to:

  • Staff preparation and training;
  • Route of travel of visitors to and from your property; and
  • Entry conditions for vine rows – including visitor access and requirements for protective shoes and clothing, and vehicle, machinery and equipment access.

Flowcharts are also provided to assist in the management of visitors.