Did you see the article on pages 43 to 45 of the February issue of Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker Magazine, called ‘Clean in, clean out’?

In the article, leading vineyard contractors call for washdown facilities to be set up on every vineyard. We fully support this idea.

“Cleaning machinery of all soil and plant material before it enters a different vineyard is an important step in reducing the risk of spreading phylloxera or other pests, diseases and weeds,” said Vinehealth Australia CEO Inca Lee.

“But vineyard contractors are telling us that many vineyards are not set up to effectively washdown machinery.”

In an ideal world, every vineyard in Australia would have an area dedicated to washing down machinery and equipment, consisting of a concrete slab, a water source and tank, pump and hose to effectively clean machines.

We think this should actually be the real world. Do you agree? Let us know via phone (08) 8273 0550 or email admin@vinehealth.com.au