Vinehealth Australia recognises the important role that transporters play in the wine supply chain in keeping our vines healthy, when moving items such as grapes, juice, marc, machinery and equipment between our vineyards and wineries.

We have prepared a comprehensive Biosecurity Bulletin for transporters, focusing on their key biosecurity obligations as part of the wine supply chain.

This document can be used by wine companies when running vintage induction sessions and can also be sent directly to transporters.

The Bulletin has been reviewed by industry and includes information on:

  1. What is biosecurity
  2. What’s at risk
  3. Major plant pests of concern
  4. Impacts of a pest incursion to industry
  5. Impacts of a pest incursion to transporters
  6. A checklist for transporters to follow to help protect our industry

The Biosecurity Bulletin for Transporters can be found here.