Biosecurity Bulletins

Wine industry transporters

Vinehealth Australia acknowledges the important role that transporters play in the wine supply chain in keeping our vines healthy, when moving items such as grapes, juice, marc, machinery and equipment between our vineyards and wineries.

Click here for the Biosecurity Bulletin for Wine Industry Transporters which focuses on their key biosecurity obligations as part of the wine supply chain.

Queensland fruit fly and South Australia’s Riverland Wine Industry

The wine industry operates amongst other horticultural industries in many areas of our state, including in the Riverland Pest Free Area (PFA). As a result, the wine industry plays an important role to help protect market access of other horticultural commodities.

In the event of a Queensland fruit fly outbreak in the Riverland, detailed movement conditions for the wine industry will apply, including for the movement and processing of winegrapes, sending of diagnostic samples and cleaning of harvesters and regulated equipment.

Click here for the Biosecurity Bulletin for Queensland Fruit Fly and South Australia’s Riverland Wine Industry.