A new Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly) outbreak at Lindsay Point in north-western Victoria was declared on 21 May, following detection of a gravid female fly. This region is part of the Riverland Pest Free Area. 

PIRSA Biosecurity SA is working with Agriculture Victoria to respond to the outbreak. A 1.5km radius outbreak area and 15km radius suspension area around Lindsay Point are being implemented in line with National Fruit Fly Management Protocols. These will see movement controls being implemented on fruit fly host produce, including grapes. The detection area is near the junction of the South Australian, Victorian and New South Wales borders.

At this stage, if no further wild flies or larvae are detected it is anticipated that quarantine and movement restrictions will remain in place until at least 22 December 2019. Should this date be extended, Vinehealth Australia will advise on its Current Outbreaks: Lindsay Point Q-fly outbreak page.

The following links have been provided by PIRSA to assist growers in the area:

While this outbreak does not impact the fruit fly status of the rest of the Riverland Pest Free Area or the state, it is important that the risk of spread is minimised by placing controls on all fruit fly host produce grown in the outbreak and suspension areas. In addition, a comprehensive eradication program is underway in the fruit fly affected area. An incident command centre is being established at the Loxton Research Centre and a dedicated number – 1800 255 556 – is available for industry queries.

Consequently, given that wine grapes are a host for Q-fly, conditions will be placed on the movement of wine grapes grown in the outbreak and suspension areas during vintage 2020 if the quarantine areas are still in place. 

It is mandatory that growers, wineries and carriers comply with these conditions, as the strength of Australia’s biosecurity system and the response measures put in place in the event of an outbreak of fruit fly underpin ongoing access to lucrative export markets for our horticultural produce.

Vinehealth Australia will maintain a watching brief on this fruit fly outbreak. We will advise South Australian grape growers in the 15km suspension area, and related wineries and carriers, should wine grape movement and receival require certification and adherence with other movement conditions during vintage 2020.

Many wine grape growers in the Riverland also grow other horticultural crops commercially or in their backyard. Please check your crops and report any maggots in fruit or vegetables, or anything that looks suspicious, to the 24-hour Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.

Additional information
Please contact the dedicated industry hotline on 1800 255 556 for any further information about this outbreak. If you are unsure whether your vineyard is located in the outbreak or suspension area, contact  Vinehealth Australia on 08 8273 0550.