Despite the fact that people can pick up pests, diseases and weeds from the soil and vines on their clothing, shoes, equipment and tyres and spread them to vineyards they visit, the movement of people is not a regulated entry into a state or Phylloxera Management Zone.

This means the onus is on you as a vineyard owner, to set the expectation for how you want your vines to be respected by your visitors.

And if you are a visitor to a vineyard, you must adhere to all instructions set by the vineyard owner or manager regarding footwear, clothing, hand tools and parking.

Vinehealth Australia has a comprehensive fact sheet called ‘Biosecurity Planning for Vineyard Owners Hosting Visitors’ to assist you to manage the risks that visitors can pose to the health of your vineyards. It includes practical steps that you can take to protect the long-term health and value of your vines, relevant to hosting individual visitors, small and large groups and major events, such as weddings, festivals and concerts.

If you are hosting visitors, you need to be aware of the controlled conditions under which you may permit your visitors to walk down vine rows. Refer to the set of handy flowcharts in the fact sheet. 

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