Vinehealth Australia has reflected on the success of the original bumper sticker campaign undertaken by the Phylloxera Board about 20 years ago, to unify awareness of grape phylloxera among wine industry personnel.

Continuing the powerful message about keeping South Australia phylloxera free, the Vinehealth Australia team has recently designed new bumper stickers but retained a little bit of history for important continuity.

The new stickers feature the words ‘Phylloxera: grapevine killer. Not in SA. Keep it that way’ positioned around a slightly modernised version of the original phylloxera bug logo.

Every registered vineyard owner in South Australia will receive two new phylloxera bumper stickers in June.

“We encourage vineyard owners to stick these on the back of their vehicles as soon as they arrive in the post,” said Inca Pearce, CEO of Vinehealth Australia.

“Eventually, we’d like to see these stickers on the back of every wine industry vehicle in the state again as a way to spread the message.”