The popularity of the biosecurity signs on offer from Vinehealth Australia is a clear indicator of the commitment shown by SA growers to minimise biosecurity risk to their greatest assets – their vines.

With more than 100 consumer-facing signs popping up around the state and almost 80 non-consumer facing signs ordered, Vinehealth is thrilled with the uptake.

“We congratulate the winery and vineyard owners who have made this commitment to biosecurity. It’s a good first step. We encourage all in the South Australian wine industry to put up signs. And we encourage those growers who have already put up signs to now consider other ways of protecting their vineyards,” said Inca Peace, CEO of Vinehealth Australia.

To ensure we cater for everyone’s needs, both sign types are available in two sizes. The consumer-facing signs can also be customised with your logo and the non-consumer facing signs can be customised with a contact name and phone number. Signs are hardwearing metal with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

The signs include English and Mandarin messages that aim to build a partnership with visitors around vine health and protection.

If you are interested in ordering signs, please visit our website: Responsible Visitation Signs (consumer facing) and Farmgate Hygiene (non-consumer facing) or contact the Vinehealth office on or (08) 8273 0550.