Winegrapes are a host for Mediterranean Fruit Fly (MFF) and Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF). When a QFF or MFF outbreak is declared in South Australia, a 1.5km radius ‘outbreak area’ is established around the site of the outbreak. In addition, a 7.5km or 15km radius ‘suspension area’ (depending on the species of fly) is enacted beyond the outbreak area.

Host produce cannot be moved off properties inside the outbreak area without treatment. Restrictions are also placed on produce movement within and out of the suspension area, generally involving treatment and/or secure transport arrangements. These restrictions are maintained for a minimum of 12 weeks, or one generation plus 28 days (whichever is the longest period) after the last detection of a fruit fly in a fruit fly trap or larvae in the area.

The treatments available for host produce including fumigation, dipping or spraying are not always suitable for winegrapes. As a result, Biosecurity SA will treat winegrape produce in the following manner in the event of an outbreak:


  1. During vintage, avoid winegrape movement through an Outbreak Zone.
  2. If the route of travel to a processing facility through a suspension area cannot be avoided, ensure:
  • the truck carrying winegrapes does not stop inside the suspension area; and
  • the load is consigned to prevent spillage (e.g. not filled higher than 200mm from the top edge of the bin). Covering loads is not mandatory.
  • Loads must be processed within 24 hours of arrival at the processing facility.