Have you ever had trouble identifying a weed or finding a control option that works? If so, you’re not alone.

PIRSA (Biosecurity SA) in partnership with the eight Natural Resource Management regions has just launched a free weed app called ‘SA Weed Control’ available on App Store and Google Play Store for download. This app brings the current edition of the Weed Control Handbook for Plants in South Australia into the electronic era.

For the 139 weeds declared in South Australia under the National Resources Management Act (2004), the app includes:

  • Colour images;
  • Descriptions;
  • Distinguishing features; and
  • Chemical and non-chemical control options.

Users can also:

  • Geolocate weeds using your phone’s GPS;
  • Keep notes and a log of control activities; and
  • Send experts pictures of weeds you need help identifying.

Head to the App Store or Google Play Store for more information.