Notices of Assessment for the annual levies payable under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995 (Act) were sent to all registered vineyard owners in South Australia in early June. The due date for payment is 17 July.

The levy rate remains unchanged this year at $9.50 per hectare, with a minimum of $50. Vinehealth Australia highly values these contributions, which enable the organisation to make a significant contribution to safeguarding the ongoing health of vines from pests and diseases.

Vineyard owners, as well as wine producers, contractors and suppliers to the industry, all have a collective responsibility to ensure vineyards are protected from pests and diseases. Biosecurity is a team game and our wine industry is only as strong as the weakest link.

“While the vast majority of South Australian vineyard owners understand the important role that Vinehealth Australia plays, on the advice of the Commissioner of State Taxation, I would like to remind those growers who default on levy payments that penalties will apply as outlined below,” Vinehealth Australia CEO Inca Pearce said.

“Pursuant to the Act, defaults on levies payable are subject to the same penalties for default as that applied to land tax under the Land Tax Act 1936. Both penalty tax and interest is payable on defaults for land tax. However, for this levy period, only penalty tax will be applied on a default of a levy payable under the Act, and this will be applied at the same rate as for land tax.

“For future levy periods we will need to align with the penalties for default on land taxes and apply interest, in addition to penalty tax, for defaults on payment. I therefore encourage growers to take this opportunity to pay any outstanding levies owing by the due date of 17 July.”

Please do not hesitate to contact Vinehealth’s Office Manager on (08) 8273 0550 if you have any concerns about payment or information contained on your Notice of Assessment. Visit Vinehealth Australia’s website ( to view current biosecurity fact sheets, policies, best practice hygiene procedures, tools and of course the kiosk for the Vineyard Register where you can view and update your vineyard records.