Vinehealth Australia is required under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act (1995) to maintain a complete and accurate register of grapegrowers in the state of South Australia.

All vineyard owners with 0.5 hectares or more are required by law to register with Vinehealth Australia and to ensure that their contact and planting details remain current. This information is kept strictly confidential.

As a grower, you can maintain your records in Vinehealth’s vineyard register in one of three ways:

We encourage you to check and update your planting and contact information at any time on the Grape Industry Kiosk.

South Australia is the only state with a complete vineyard register. In the event of a pest and disease outbreak (e.g., phylloxera or fruit fly) Vinehealth Australia can very quickly contact all growers in or near a declared quarantine zone. It also enables Vinehealth Australia to produce complete, up-to-date statistical information on vineyard plantings – including new plantings and changes in varieties. This information is vital for future planning for the industry and the state.

During the process of updating your records, a vital step is clicking UPDATE in the ‘submissions box’. Your updated vineyard record sits as a draft in our system until the box is completed, meaning we can’t see your changes. Please help us to keep your records up to date by completing the Submissions box.

If you have recently updated your records and have not clicked UPDATE in the ‘submissions box’, we kindly ask you to log back in to the Grape Industry Kiosk and refer to the screenshots below to complete your update.

Tip: you need to have the status as ‘complete’ against all blocks for the ‘submissions box’ to show.