The Naracoorte Heat Shed was the first purpose-built facility in South Australia for sterilising vineyard machinery and equipment, to ensure freedom from phylloxera. Vinehealth Australia (VHA) continues to advocate for the sterilisation of machinery and equipment in South Australia through the use of the heat shed.

VHA has recently completed upgrades to the shed and computer system and has replaced the large entrance sign. VHA held a reaccreditation training day in December where 16 local growers and local/interstate harvest contractors were shown how to use the system.

Sarah Bird from Sunbird Viticulture, manager of the Heat Shed, outlined the new features and the standard operating system for the heat shed, demonstrated use of the system including placement of the temperature sensors on a harvester and outlined other safety aspects.

If you wish to use the Naracoorte Heat Shed contact Sunbird Viticulture on 0429 430 641.