Board Members

Prue McMichael – Chair

Prue is a Plant Pathologist whose career has focused on biosecurity and plant health management in horticulture and viticulture. Her professional roles have spanned research, extension and consulting, with positions held in California and South Australia. In consulting (with Scholefield Robinson), she was engaged primarily in technical, forensic and legal matters related to plant health, crop loss, biosecurity, plant movement practices and propagation material quality.

Prue graduated with B Ag Sc from the University of Adelaide and from the University of California, Davis, with an MSc and PhD in Plant Pathology. She has been a past Chair and director of the Dried Fruits Research and Development Council (DFRDC), long-term Secretariat of the National Vine Health Steering Committee, and member of the Premier’s Climate Change Council (SA). Prue is a Fellow of the Ag Institute Australia (AIA).

Although officially retired from active consulting, Prue maintains a strong interest in biosecurity and quarantine matters, and in industry engagement and capability building. She is a director of Plant Health Australia and currently serves on committees within Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, the AIA (SA) and in Water Polo SA. Prue was appointed to the Board on 1 July 2016.

Ross Meffin

Ross Meffin is the General Manager – Food and Plant Standards at PIRSA (Biosecurity SA) and has membership of the Board as Chief Inspector for Plant Health in South Australia. He joined the Board in October 2018.

Jo Luck

Jo is currently the Program Director for the Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative and has been instrumental in the management of biosecurity research programs, including for the horticulture and viticulture (wine, table and dried grapes) industries.

Sally Troy

Sally is formerly Assistant Secretary at the Department of Agriculture, has 30 years’ experience in natural resource-related fields in both the Australian and Victorian Governments. She has strong technical skills, extensive biosecurity knowledge, and strategy and policy development experience.

Alex Sas

Alex has more than 25 years’ experience in the wine sector and is currently Senior R&D Program Manager for Wine Australia and also oversees management of a vineyard in McLaren Vale. His previous experience includes Chief Viticulturist at Constellation/Accolade Wines, and Viticulturist with BRL Hardy and The Australian Wine Research Institute/CSIRO.

Alec Gilbert

Alec is currently Chair of the National Wine Centre. A previous CEO of the Adelaide Convention Centre, he is now leading initiatives to develop improved collaboration across the wine industry and to leverage opportunities for visitor and industry education.

Richard Barrett

Richard is Chair of MedTEC South Australia and CEO of MedTEC Pharma Pty Ltd, advancing Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp industries. He was previously Global Vice President – Wine and Spirits for Scholle Corporation, one of the world’s leading packaging firms, leading the development of significant new global wine packing markets including in the USA, Russia, Asia and Europe.