We continue to produce a range of posters to help you undertake best-practice farm-gate hygiene. We encourage you to download, print and display these posters in prominent areas around your office, lunchroom or shed. Why not give a printed copy to all staff?


10 Steps to Best Practice Farm-Gate Hygiene

Are you biosecurity-ready? Can you answer ‘yes’ to these 10 farm-gate hygiene practices?


Top 10 farm-gate hygiene risks

Footwear and Small Hand Tool Disinfestation Protocol

This protocol is based on the latest peer-reviewed science. We now know that immersing footwear in sodium hypochlorite for 60 seconds (not 30) without a water rinse afterwards is a MUST for effective disinfestation against all strains of grape phylloxera.


Footwear and Small Hand Tools Disinfestation Protocol

High Priority Exotic and Reportable Pests and Diseases

Do you know what high priority endemic and exotic plant pests and diseases could have a devastating effect in grapevines that you should be looking out for in the vineyard? Use the “If You Spot Me, Report Me!” poster and supporting information to know what symptoms to recognise and when, and as always, report anything unusual immediately to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881 or to Vinehealth Australia on (08) 8273 0550.


If You Spot Me, Report Me! poster

How to use ‘If you Spot Me, report Me!’ poster

Descriptive table of technical information on characteristic vine symptoms, impacts on vine growth and fruit quality and when to monitor.

Location of High Priority Pests and Diseases to Australia