AgriFutures Australia has released a ‘Farm-level adoption of biosecurity management – behaviour analysis’ report, which explores the adoption of biosecurity practices by producers.

The report also considers key barriers and motivators for farmers, the range of biosecurity practices promoted by different agencies for on-farm adoption, and decision-making processes.

Key findings within the study include:

  • Awareness of biosecurity across commercial producers is strong.
  • Variability exists in the extent of adoption of biosecurity practices between producers and between industry sectors, for example, there is greater awareness and adoption across intensive animal industries.
  • There is increasing interest in the role of technology in biosecurity management.
  • There are challenges with skills and capacity within the biosecurity system.
  • Trusted sources play an important role in delivering biosecurity information to producers.
  • Language and communication play a role in biosecurity extension.

AgriFutures Australia suggests decision makers across the national biosecurity system should consider the recommendations from the report when developing programs for farmers, to support more effective adoption of industry biosecurity practices.

“Recognising the importance of integrating biosecurity practices into broader production systems is crucial,” the report says.

Read the report here.