If your vineyard is in South Australia but outside the Riverland Pest Free Area (Greater SA) and your contracted winery is inside the Riverland Pest Free Area, there are standard movement requirements that the vineyard owner must adhere to as part of delivering into the Riverland Pest Free Area.

These requirements are irrespective of the current fruit fly outbreaks in the Riverland.

All winegrapes must be certified to enter the Pest Free Area. There are 2 options available for vintage 2024:

  1. The sending business becomes a PIRSA-accredited business under ICA-33, and each winegrape load is to be accompanied by a Plant Health Assurance Certificate (PHAC) completed by an authorised signatory to the business’s ICA-33 accreditation. To apply for ICA-33 accreditation, click here.


  1. Each winegrape load is accompanied by a single-issue Plant Health Certificate (PHC) obtained from PIRSA. To apply for a Plant Health Certificate, either complete the hard copy application here, or online application via the Plant Health Certification request online form here.

Vinehealth Australia thanks PIRSA for provision of the above information.