Each year, Vinehealth Australia is invited to speak to final year students in oenology and viticulture at the University of Adelaide about biosecurity in the grape and wine industry, Vinehealth’s role and our current activities.

On 22 May, our Comms Advisor Cindie Smart spoke to an engaged group of students about pest and disease pressures, the work needed to prevent a phylloxera outbreak in South Australia, and the students’ roles in our biosecurity system.

Many great questions were asked, including:

  • Why isn’t there a Vinehealth Australia equivalent in other states?
  • How can we stop tourists from wandering into vineyards?
  • How does the Vinehealth levy work?

“It’s always refreshing to speak to the people who will be leading our industry in the future,” Cindie said. “And it was a great opportunity to share specific actions with the students that they can practise now as biosecurity champions, to ensure the future sustainability of our industry.”