Vinehealth CEO Inca Lee and Technical Manager Suzanne McLoughlin were invited to Padthaway earlier this month to deliver an interactive two-hour vintage biosecurity session to 16 members of the Padthaway wine region, as a follow up to one of our recent regional industry consultation visits for our funding review.

This ‘practical guide to pre-vintage biosecurity’ was an opportunity to discuss and share ideas on how a business can identify the appropriate set of biosecurity measures to adopt for their unique situation using the following step-wise approach:

  1. Quantify what’s at risk for your business.
  2. Understand the impact on your business of a loss of business continuity resulting from a significant pest incursion:
    • Including movement restrictions, increased operational costs and time, asset and staff management, requests for tracing records, loss of vine material and revision of marketing materials.
  3. Know the pest/disease/pathogen/weed threats:
    • Including what to look for, where to look, when to look, how threats are moved, and how to report something unusual.
  4. Know the key vectors for pest/disease/pathogen/weed entry:
    • Including that people can move these on footwear, clothing and vehicles, and that people are also responsible for decision making and setting the standards for expected behaviours.
  5. Assess and implement risk mitigation strategies appropriate to your business and regional needs.
Members of the Padthaway Grapegrowers Association Inc with Vinehealth’s Suzanne McLoughlin at a biosecurity workshop in Padthaway.