We are aware that many wine businesses are investing in biosecurity signage for their vineyards to demonstrate their commitment to best-practice farm-gate hygiene. We love driving around and seeing them.

Almost 245 signs have been purchased since 1 May 2022, including 11 for interstate vineyards across NSW, VIC and TAS. And what’s more, since we launched our Responsible Visitation Campaign in 2018/19, more than 1,000 signs have been purchased, of which almost 600 are non-consumer facing Vineyard or Farm biosecurity signs.

We’ve seen a clear trend in the most popular consumer-facing sign styles, with the ‘Please Don’t Walk Amongst our Vines’ sign, followed by the ‘Enjoy Our Wines, Protect Our Vines’ sign overwhelmingly the most popular. ‘We have some of the oldest vines in the world’ and ‘Be part of our Australian wine story’ are also popular versions. And more than 70% of signs purchased have been those with an image, as opposed to text only.

If you are looking for biosecurity signage for your vineyard or around your cellar door, please visit our website and take a look at the design and size options. We’ll work with you to ensure you can get the best fit for your needs.

We encourage you to have your name and/or phone number printed on your non-consumer facing signs so visitors can easily contact you before they enter your property, and we add this for free.

For sign order forms and sign placement ideas, click here for consumer-facing signage, and click here for non-consumer facing signage information.

Have you recently purchased signs from Vinehealth Australia? Send us a picture of you beside your new sign and tell us about how it has assisted with your biosecurity efforts. You’ll be in great company with other biosecurity supporters here if you are happy to be promoted.