Have you recently top worked to change your scion variety, or are you soon to replant a vineyard block? If so, it’s important to tell us so that we can keep the Register up to date.

Vinehealth Australia is required under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995 to maintain a complete and accurate Register of vineyards in South Australia of 0.5 hectares or larger in size. Changes to your vines, including your varietal mix, need to be reported within three months of when they occur.

If you are changing the scion variety you currently have through any method of field grafting, we need to know what variety you changed from and to, and when this occurred.

Note that you don’t need to report any reworking of your existing vine.

In order to ensure our records of your plantings are as accurate as possible, we’d love you to contact our Office Manager, Jo Bainbridge from Monday to Thursday on (08) 8273 0550 or send Jo an email at admin@vinehealth.com.au and she will be in touch if she needs to clarify anything with you.