On September 20 Vinehealth released an Industry Notice advising SA vineyard owners of the detection of the exotic Grapevine Red Blotch virus (GRBV) and providing a series of answers to questions you may have in response.

While a decision on technical feasibility to eradicate is still pending by the national Consultative Committee for Emergency Plant Pests (CCEPP), Vinehealth has continued to work hard in this space.

We have:

  • Continued to undertake sampling on key sites driven by detections in other states and tracing.
  • Worked closely with diagnostic laboratories and virologists to conduct a series of retests to help understand and interpret results and improve accuracy of testing.
  • Compiled a list of research papers on GRBV and made these available to key industry members.
  • Compiled a list of varieties/clones/selections from overseas research in which GRBV has been detected.
  • Liaised with AWRI to ensure Help Desk staff are equipped to answer any questions being received.
  • Continued to keep SAWIA, WGCSA and SAVIA abreast of SA’s position.
  • Continued to work alongside Australian Grape & Wine to provide technical biosecurity expertise and SA’s position.
  • Continued to work alongside PIRSA to manage SA’s response.
  • Liaised with a WA entomologist undertaking work to investigate the potential vectoring of GRBV and held discussions with entomologists in SA.
  • Continued to liaise and discuss with virologists the key knowledge gaps on GRBV so that future work can be focused and targeted.