Vinehealth Australia would like to advise industry of a new Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) outbreak in the Riverland and an update to the earliest anticipated reinstatement date for other existing Riverland outbreaks:

  • As a result of finding Qfly larvae in homegrown fruit in the Loxton area, PIRSA declared a new ‘Loxton’ outbreak on 22 March 2022. The earliest anticipated reinstatement date for this outbreak is 22 November 2022.
  • Due to a separate detection of Qfly within the existing Riverland Fruit Fly Affected Area (FFAA), the earliest anticipated reinstatement date for the Renmark West, Pike River, and Pike River West Qfly outbreaks has been extended by one day to 17 November 2022. The existing outbreak and suspension area boundaries for these three outbreaks remain unchanged.


For a map showing vineyards on Vinehealth’s Register within the Loxton Outbreak Area, refer here.

For a map showing vineyards on Vinehealth’s Register within the whole Loxton FFAA, refer here.

For a map showing vineyards on Vinehealth’s Register within the Riverland FFAA (which includes all four outbreak and suspension areas), refer here.


The current operational requirements for vineyards, and for the movement of grapes between vineyards and wineries is provided in Vinehealth’s Biosecurity Bulletin – Vintage requirements for fruit fly in South Australia (version 3 Nov 2021).

If the situation of your vineyard, winery or vineyards you receive grapes from has changed given this new fruit fly outbreak, please read this Biosecurity Bulletin carefully to understand the implications to ensure you adhere to all relevant requirements.


  • Call Vinehealth Australia’s Technical Manager Suzanne McLoughlin on 0412 859 882 if you need assistance to identify if your property falls in the FFAA, or which part of the FFAA; or to understand the operational requirements documented in Vinehealth’s Biosecurity Bulletin.
  • Call the PIRSA industry hotline on 1800 255 556 for assistance in obtaining accreditation or certification; and for all other industry queries (including for table grapes). 
  • For online industry support, refer to PIRSA’s website.
  • To report suspected fruit fly and for non-commercial enquiries, phone the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.
  • With all but one of the Riverland’s fruit fly outbreaks originating in backyards, PIRSA implores property owners to keep their backyards and properties tidy. This includes collecting fallen fruit and picking ripe fruit promptly as keys to stopping the fruit fly lifecycle.

Vinehealth Australia continues to work alongside PIRSA and Riverland Wine to assist industry to comply with movement requirements.


Biosecurity Alert: New Riverland fruit fly outbreak: Loxton