Vinehealth Australia is excited to announce a Coonawarra Rootstock Trial field day will be held on Tuesday 5 April, in conjunction with project partners Wynns Coonawarra Estate and Coonawarra Vignerons.

Previous Rootstock Trial field days have enabled growers and winemakers to comparatively taste grapes and assess canopies from the various rootstocks. This year, the field day is looking below the soil surface.

We have enlisted soil and rootstock experts to undertake detailed vine root analysis of the nine rootstocks including the own-rooted control. This will build awareness of the importance of applying variable management strategies to the rootstocks to achieve yield and quality outcomes, based on their inherent genetics and ability to access and use soil water.

The program for the field day includes the following highlights for participants:

  • Observe the root structure of the different rootstocks via a series of soil pits;
  • Hear David Hansen from Hansen Consulting Group talk on considering root growth patterns and soil characteristics to inform management decisions;
  • Hear Nick Dry from Foundation Viticulture talk on factors to consider when choosing a rootstock, as well as current key activities in the propagation sector; and
  • Participate in a panel discussion on rootstock use with local well-known growers and winemakers.

Vinehealth Australia will advise in March how you can book to attend this event, with numbers potentially capped as a result of COVID requirements.

This all-day event is made possible by a Limestone Coast Landscape Board Grassroots Grant.


This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s Grassroots Grants program, and is funded by regional landscape and water levies.